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Using 3D printing / additive manufacturing for production parts

Everyone knows 3D printing / additive manufacturing has benefits for rapid prototyping, but did you know the increased benefits of using 3d printing / additive manufacturing for production parts? Major benefits of printed production parts are :

  • Decreased time to market : Get your production parts in your customers hands sooner
  • Volume on demand : reduce your overhead from inventory and produce parts based directly off your customers orders from runs of 1 or 2 all the way to runs of the hundreds or more
  • Higher dimensional stability: with printing your parts you get exactly what you've modeled out.
  • No tooling: for low run production parts you don't have the high costs of tooling or the lead time to fabricate the tooling
  • Manufacturabilty: you can offer much more complex parts that traditionally weren't easily manufactured

Still not sure how 3D printing /additive manufacturing falls into your design flow? click HERE to read more about it

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